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At Beauty@Lils we focus on the health of your skin, constantly giving you our expertise advise as true beauty lies within and this is why we have chosen Algologie.

Algologie draws inspiration from the sea. It has been offering you some of its treasures for almost thirty years through a wide range of natural and innovative cosmetic products adapted to all skin types


As our skin has to face daily aggressions from the environment and our way of life is causing stress on our cells, skin disorders and weakening our immune system.

For your skin to be more beautiful, more resistant, more luminous, Algologie covers all its needs and restore its hydration, its vitality and its radiance.

Beauty@Lils offers facials at affordable prices, but combines the benefits of seaweed which contains over 40 natural vitamins, minerals oligo-elements and protein with aromatherapy helping to balance and compensate the skin against the effects of poor diet.
*Whilst true beauty comes from within, there’s no harm looking and feeling radiant on the outside too… Youthfulness and great skin comes from balance and well-being

From the very first in-salon treatment, you will notice visibly healthier skin. The skin will look and feel hydrated, creates instant new cell reproduction and evens out the texture of the skin.


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