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Hot body Scrub

Hot Body ScrubThis intensive and hydrating body treatment effectively removes surface of dead skin cells to smooth, soften and improve the texture of the skin. If your skin is in need of a little restoration and tender loving, then our body exfoliation treatment is exactly what you need. This will leave you instanstly restore and rejuvenated.

Full body scrub

This treatment is perfect for our aggressive environment as our body tackles through 4 seasons in a year. We will focus on your arm, decotage, stomach, back and legs then moisturised. Allow aaprox 50 mins

Full leg & feet

Feel dry and flakey? This intensive treatment we will forcus on your full leg leaving your legs feeling smooth and replenished and moisturised. Allow approx 20 mins

Full arm & hand scrub

Time to show off those arms again as it has spent month hidden under clothing during winter or simply dry from our climate. This intensive arm scrub will leave an instant result! Allow approx 20 mins

Back Scrub

As we live a busy lifestyle we tend to forget the one and only place to clean? Our Backs! This treatment will sure remove those dead skin cells that is hard to reach. This will leave your back feeling smooth and soft. Allow approx 20 mins

Exfoliants used in our body scrub treatment comes from Algologie. See products and available to purchase for home care.

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